President of Spine Wizards LLC

Joe is a rocket scientist who spent more than 30 years helping to put people into space. After overcoming a life-long struggle with low back pain, Joe started his small company to help those suffering from common forms of low back pain to get back on their feet and back to work. Having helped astronauts safely travel to space and back for so long, he felt it was time to start helping millions of people suffering on Earth.

Joe was quoted at the INPEX 2014 convention saying:
“My back began hurting off and on, and Dr. Bob (Robert), the co-inventor, convinced me to do several sets of backward leg curls on a weight lifting exercise device. This took a leap-of-faith that few back pain sufferers would consider. As I curled my legs with pain shooting down one of them, my lower back pain instantly vanished! We analyzed the force application on the lower back and began believing that bending and pulling a certain way on the spine relieved the constant compressive pressure on suffering discs that bulge out from their normal shape and press on spinal nerves against hard bone. We truly believe that this bending and pulling force produced pressure gradients that fed water and nutrients into the bulging disc material in between each spinal vertebra. We also believe that this bending and pulling force also provides the tiny space needed between the vertebrae to naturally allow the body’s own restoration process to retract the bulging disc materials into a more normal shape and cushioning function. We also believe that the side benefit was stretching the surrounding muscles at the same time which improves blood circulation and cleanses inflammation causing chemicals from the sore muscles. From there, we went on to design The Spine Wizard® Back Stretcher to provide the pain sufferer with a much more comfortable and gentler pain relieving process.”

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From The Spine Wizard® Users

“When I was 26 I had back surgery and had to be in traction in the hospital – I’ve had back problems ever since. Now, 45 years later, your Spine Wizard Back Stretcher is the perfect simple solution without all the contraptions. I can get into it and just hang there, feeling my body relaxing completely and naturally. I used it often when I first got it, but I’ve used it less recently since I haven’t had any pain in months.

“The Spine Wizard has given me total control over the back pain that I have had all my life.

“Thank you!”

I got my Spine Wizard and it is beautiful!

I watched your video and then did what you showed us and wow, it felt good! Very nice gentle stretch and after about 10 minutes I got up and walked around and did not feel the tinge of pain I usually feel in my lower spine. Thank you!