As someone who once suffered from lower back pain, I know how debilitating it can be. The constant discomfort and immobility can suck the life right out of you for weeks or months or years at a time.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that lower back pain is a massive epidemic around the world.  Not because of “back disease” but due to diabetes, obesity, injury, Ischemia, and a plethora of other contributing factors.

The standard treatments for lower back pain are commonly opioids, surgery, and endless doctor appointments. Not liking the available options, I went on an extensive search to learn how I could help myself without addictive drugs or going under the knife. I wanted a natural way to give myself relief.

What I learned was so straightforward and surprising. 3 Easy Steps to Long-Term Pain Freedom. I go into great detail about these three steps in my new eBook, Back Pain Be Gone, which is being digitally released on June 2, 2017.

The 3 Easy Steps to Long-Term Pain Freedom are:

1.  Controlling your pain

2.  Correcting your posture

3.  Building your core strength

Yes, for most people that all it takes, but being the “Rocket Scientist” that I am, I wasn’t satisfied with just knowing about these three steps, I was compelled to find the best “engineered” way to achieve the relief I desired.

So I decided use utilize my own “Rocket Science.” I had years of expertise and engineering experience, so I got to work and invented a simple but revolutionary back stretcher, called The Spine Wizard® Back Stretcher. This back stretcher is easy to assemble, safe, and easy to use without having to worry about getting stuck hanging upside down on an awkward inversion table.

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