Pain is more than a physical sensation. It can affect your psyche as well. It can cause anxiety, fear, and a feeling of loss of control.

Back pain is the second most common cause of disability in the United States. Over 80% of people will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Wow, what an astounding number. Another surprising fact is not all people respond in the same way to back pain. Due to the psychological differences in individuals, they will experience pain differently.

In a 2016 article written by Dr. Srini Pillay, MD of Harvard, he states:

“When your physical movement is limited, this can cause psychological distress, and the psychological distress can, in return, worsen the pain. Your personal health beliefs and coping strategies can influence both your level of distress and course of the pain. For instance, if you are anxiety-prone, expect the worst, and have catastrophic thinking, this can make the pain far worse. That’s because those psychological vulnerabilities can change your brain and intensify the pain.”

I know from my own experience, the emotional distress brought on by my back pain was almost as excruciating as the physical pain itself.

Fortunately, I was able to get relief, and you too can get relief.  Physically and psychologically.

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