Return Policy

If for any reason you are not satisfied with The Spine Wizard® Back Stretcher within 60 days from the original purchase date, you may return it for a full refund of your purchase price including shipping charges and tax. You are responsible to pay shipping and handling charges to return the device. The device must be returned in its original box, with the original instruction manual, travel bag, and extra parts, with no damage to the device or any of its parts or accessories beyond normal wear for age. If the device is returned incomplete, or the condition of the device is deemed to be damaged or to have excessive wear, or the device arrives after the 60 day expiration date, a refund WILL NOT be issued and the device will be returned to you subject to return shipping fees for which you are responsible.

Save and fill out the enclosed The Spine Wizard® RETURN FORM included with your The Spine Wizard®.

Detailed instructions are included in the package shipped to you. The return address is:
Spine Wizards LLC.
2323 Space Center Blvd. Ste 180, #178
Houston, TX 77062

Refunds will be issued only to the original purchaser.

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From The Spine Wizard® Users

“When I was 26 I had back surgery and had to be in traction in the hospital – I’ve had back problems ever since. Now, 45 years later, your Spine Wizard Back Stretcher is the perfect simple solution without all the contraptions. I can get into it and just hang there, feeling my body relaxing completely and naturally. I used it often when I first got it, but I’ve used it less recently since I haven’t had any pain in months.

“The Spine Wizard has given me total control over the back pain that I have had all my life.

“Thank you!”

“I loved how it made my back feel. It’s amazing.”